Perks for renters, insights for agents

Beat the tenant-fee ban with our perks and engagement platform. 

Positively engage your renters while uncovering new revenue streams. 

The simple and smart way for you to thrive in a rapidly changing lettings market.

How it works

Give your renters free access to Vaboo’s essential savings in exchange for valuable feedback on their renting experience and learn what they really want to see from your service. 



For a small monthly fee, renters are able to upgrade to a wider variety of exclusive premium savings. 

We share the revenue with you. 



Future-proof your business by uncovering new revenue streams and learning more about your customers.



Find a pricing tier that works for your business. We have different pricing tiers to work with any budget. 

Maintenance fee
Basic platform plus:

Email engagement
Prize draws
Basic access
Free for all renters
Upgraded access
£2 per user / month
Revenue share option
Maintenance fee
£200 / month
All of Essential plus:

Fully branded service
Custom Dashboard
Feedback campaigns
Renter insights
Basic access
Free for all renters
Upgraded access
£1 per user / month
Revenue share option
Maintenance fee
Price on request
All of Branded plus:

Premium access for all renters
Dedicated account management
Custom feedback campaigns
Custom renter insights
Email scheduling
Tailored content

Optional extras:
Showcase video
Launch event

Our pricing:

Success stories

Build-to-Rent developer Red Door Ventures wanted to embolden their renter-centric offer to their existing and potential customers. 

On their behalf we developed a fully branded platform; Red Door Rewards. Since working with us one of their renters won a month’s rent!

As Red Door renter explains, “It took some getting used to, I’ve never had a landlord who’s provided that kind of service before!”.

Red Door Ventures

“Vaboo had two very clear impacts: Improved tenant satisfaction reported by our existing tenants; and, an extra tool in our sales kit to persuade unsure tenants and landlords that our service really is the best”

Alex Dehayden, Pisoria

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